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Miracles are possible!!! [30 Jan 2006|10:11pm]
[ mood | Tired and Annoyed ]

"Come up to meet you, Tell you I'm sorry, you don't know how lovely you are. I had you find you, tell you I need you, tell you I set you apart. tell me your secrets, nurse me your questions. oh lets go back to the start.."

Ahh, I love Coldplay. Still, I love Coldplay.
Anyways, I am back for one night! Hooray! *snuggles lj*

So.. what has been going on in my life?
October: Well, yeah. I didn't get my dress. So... I got my white skirt and a retarded purple shirt that didn't fit me right.
Ohhh well. I got promised a horse In March. Here we go again!! count down: 5-6 months
November: Thanksgiving.. I.. um.. forgot where we had thanksgiving.. *cough* Oh yes, at our house. Grandparents came over and we ate very good food. My dad cooked the turkey upside down. [Go Dad!!] I'm still doing my singing lessons, its going good. I think.. sometime around here I did Volleyball? probably earlier... xD Well i did volleyball with Mandy, Denisse and Helle and it was great fun making fools of ourselves. count down: 4-5 months

December: School ends TWO DAYS before christmas. we got half our lights up. [again.. GO DAD!!] stinkin' traveling job. The fact we only had two days before christmas completely took away the excitment and the chirstmas spirit. [GO SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR BEING RETARDED] So, boring chirtmas. I got Pjs, wait no.. FLANEL Pjs.. from OLD NAVY, adobe photoshop 4.0, CD player, scarves, sick western riding boots, and other stuff i can't remember.
count down: 3-4 months

Januaray: School starts again!! I switch to chorus. Chorus sucks. I switch back to spanish.
I'm getting to be better friends with Deidra. I spend the nigth at her house, meet her insane dog [who is in fact more EVIL than Lilly! Amazing!!] and her family. :) We talked and talked and had fun :) woke up early and went to the stables!!!
I met all the horses and people there and watched them jump. It was so awesome. I was having a great time wtaching but someone didn't think I was. Kim [the lady i would take lesosns form] was SO kind and saddled up a western horse for me and let me ride!! I could only walk in circles though since i didn't have anything signed and if i got hurt...
Lets just say.. HE HAS THE SLOWEST WALK EVER. I would have liked to watch more.. but.. it would have been really rude. When she went,"having fun!?" I'd nod with a large smile and say,"OH YES!!"
and.. when my dad called to get me lessons I made him say that i was talking about it all weekend. hee hee hee..
I wanted to make sure she knew i appreciated it.. since i did.
JANUARAY... umm. what have a I done.
heck.. thats pretty much it.

1 !! x33

[22 Oct 2005|09:01pm]
[ mood | crappy crap crap ]

"Cos I'm so sick and tired... of being sick and tired"
So much crap. crappy crap crap.
1. Being the female species SUCKS.
3. Watching my perfect friends try on tiny dresses.
4. Moving to Illinoise
5. My dad being a jerk about getting a horse.

Soo... much more. It was all heavily talkeed about.. and needed and nagged about ALL DAY LONG. I'm so ... just... I could scream.

I sound like a retard when I say all this... Like everything is so bad.
its Just....

1 !! x33

WOAH [29 Sep 2005|01:55pm]
[ mood | cloy ]

I havn't updated this thing in forever!
Just thought I'd let you know.
>>Update later :O

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Three Cheers for H-E-A-L-T-H! [19 Aug 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | strangely happy, and rambly. ]

YAY I FEEL SOOO MUCH FREAKING BETTER. Don't get sick, it sucks.
Anyways, I had a fairly interesting day. Filled with wonder and suprises :O

My day.Collapse )

I apparently had sinis? sines... (sy-nis) headaches which is why all thoose extremlly strong tylenols didn't help.. and the reason why i have a sore throat cough and stuffehness >< Once i took the clearatin i felt sooo much better! *hugs box of claratin* clearatin... claratin.. uhh. Shit i can't spell. or talk. cos i have enough saliva for 3 people. and a lisp. >ssa>f>dh>tfgj>%#wthmbQERJLGBITVWTEBGIUB87gs8621547264r27642@!#!#



you know you love me!

8 !! x33

[18 Aug 2005|01:47pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Ugh. I feel like taking TWO shot guns and blowing my head off with them at the same time.
I dind't go to school today.
I woke up and tried to take a hot bath to help my throat and head. I fell asleep 5 or 6 times for a minute or so each. I decided to get out instead of kill myself. I set my alarm 30 minutes later. My mom woke me up after an hour but i told her my head hurt so bad and i needed sleep. She let me sleep, and before I knew it was 8:00. She said i could stay home since i had a fever anyways. I felt like chopping my head off so bad. I laid in bed thrashing with ice on my head, i couldn't sleep. So i took medicine children shouldn't take and within an hour had a head that didn't throb as bad. Atleast now i could wlak around the house o_- So, i watched TV for a bit and ate some soup. That hepled a lot. Did some chores, watch the lion king and slept. I really hope it goes away because i have to go to school tommorow. And my throat hurts and im coughing a lot. Me=IHFEROUIBFIUDBGUIFBI
now my head is hurting again... gah. Damn you head!!
by the way, i'm gorunded form the copmputer today.
Guys, call me and tell my how school was and what work i have to do in the classes i have with you guys.


[17 Aug 2005|06:34pm]
[ mood | Head is killing me alive e_e ]

Ahhh I feel like taking a shotgun and blowing off my head.
it hurrtss soooo muuccchh
All the medicine i take, and all the ice i put on it, doesn't do a thing
I'm sooo tired but i can't sleep v_v

-almost puked, but i had to go to school.
-ahhh stop staring at me miss wolfe o_o Then she yelled my name making my eyes go O_O
-First hour blah
-second hour BLAH
-third hour neh
-fourth hour yaayy i got my schedule changed! But now i don't have first hour anymore with ms. miller. And i have spanish with all my friends! ^_^
-Miss wolfe yelling my name AGAIN (it was kinda cool to have someone actually noticing me XD)
-p.e. blah.
-lunch: asa and his gay ass gang came over and chased sebastian and his nerdy friend away. yaaaaayy!!!
-mr. dales class now! yay My head throbbed like a mother though
-Spanish. Ah, i couldn't speak spanish even if i lived in mexico my whole life.
-almost fell asleep on the bus.

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public entry number two [22 Jul 2005|09:04pm]
[ mood | wants to be in SAN DIEGO ]

well everyone im back from my trip! I miss San Diego SO much. I'd give anything to sitting on my balcony watching the bay right now. The weather was absoultly breath-taking as well as the place itself. It was littered with small local shops, resturants, theme parks and of course.. the beach and bay! We had lots of fun doing stuff like Jet skiing, power cats (giants moterized lawn chairs that go on the bay), shopping, swimming, boogie-boarding, sandle castle building, bike rides, and just tons of stuff XD I missed my friends A TON though. I was hanging out with my brother and his friend until my dad kicked me out of their room >_< david neglected me after that, because i was his x-roomie. So i was stuck with cc and her little friend.. and my mom and dad. I was very very lonely o_o the only thought on my mind was,"I wonder if i know anybody here.. please let someone i know be here too!"

I'll break down the stuff we did into sections.

Jet skiing: It was scary to drive XD It felt like I was going to tip over and swerve randomly and crash. I enjoyed being on the back with my brother. My dad was boring because he only went 30 miles an hour o_o David was only suposed to go that fast but he took me up to 50 and swerved around and did donuts, it was a blast. At the end, all three of us were on it with me in the back. Brett kept excellertating, almost throwing me off! I just rubbed his sandy life jacket against his sun burnt back, that taught him xD

powercats: that was interesting. We basically just sat on it and drove it in circles..
Nothign really exciting. Just a giant moterized floating lawn chair

SHOPPING!: THAT WAS THE BEST PART! I was like a little kid in a candy shop as i walked a long the exotic shops with long, flowing skirts. My eyes were wide as could be! I ended up getting a pair of sunglasses, a necklace, and a pretty white skirt! Someone stepped on my sunglasses though so they broke.

swimming/boogie-boarding: We went swimming in the pool a couple times. People kept staring at me which was wierd..
Boogie baording was fun. I only stayed in the water for a little bit because of the seaweed. It scared the crap out of me. I finally quit with the water once jelly fish started coming up.

Bikerides: my dad and i went on some bikes rides in the morning. it was amazingly beautiful. It was foggy and windy and smelled liek the ocean! (duh.) We rode a mile or two the first morning but kept if short this morning since we had to go early.
We stopped for coffee and breakfast this morning ^^ it was good, except for my coffee which was a little too strong o_o

Well, we did a TON of other stuff. Like watched people with fire sticks and hula dancers... rode a 100 year old roller coaster... operation purple ball...mom got taken by a rip tide...GIANT sand pit...jellyfish collecting...super teenage boogie boarers...

5 !! x33

Bye bye suckers [17 Jul 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm leaving for San Diego tommorow :/
I'll miss you all so much
But I'll be haivng fun on the beach
and board walks
bike riding
kite flying..
sand castle building..
Sea world..

Well. Maybe I'll miss you.
I might just drop some of you a letter :O
See you all on thrusday!

Bummed that i have to miss all our summer storms though -_-
Atleast the first one.
-is jealous-
But it'll be cooler there!

Anyone can give me a call! ;)
you know my number
make sure you do.

See you thursday!!
Love you all,

4 !! x33

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